March 23, 2017

Security visibility

Gain visibility into how cloud services are being used in your organization.

“Which cloud services are my employees using to share corporate data?” This question can be a challenging one to answer. Since you don’t know where your company’s data is going, and you cannot protect what you cannot see, awareness of cloud services usage is critical to ensure security of data. It’s difficult to determine whether employees are using the cloud services your IT department has sanctioned or other, unapproved services. Also, there is a big blind spot around off-network usage of cloud services, which is growing as employees work remotely.

The Cloud Services Report provides you with a more complete picture of security, so that you can have a data-supported conversation about what to do next with cloud services at your organization.


  • Gain visibility into who is using cloud services

    Explore which services are being used by employees at your organization. View whether or not the cloud services your employees are using are sanctioned by your IT department. This visibility can provide insight into potential policy and compliance breaches if employees are using a new cloud service instead of a sanctioned service.

    Identify where corporate data is going outside your network perimeter

    The amount of traffic outside of the network perimeter is growing, which is increasing your security blind spots—not only for cloud service usage but for every connection. Manage your risk by exploring which cloud services are storing your corporate data outside of traditional network controls.

  • Discover new cloud services in use at your organization

    Search trending services to see which new cloud services are in use at your organization. By identifying new cloud services, you can gain visibility into which services are actually being used.

  • Proactively identify which accounts may be compromised when a cloud service is breached

    When a cloud service is breached, it potentially exposes your company data. By understanding which services are in use at your organization, you are able to take immediate measures to manage your risk exposure, responding to the incident with speed and efficiency.