March 19, 2017

Managed Internet / Redundancy

 Today’s businesses rely heavily on Internet connectivity as part of daily business.  In many cases network access can even surpass telephony on the level of importance.  An internet service disruption in today’s market can affect more than just the bottom line.

Without the ability to process orders, accept payment, look up inventory and more an internet outage can not only shut down operations but also affect customer loyalty and confidence. QUECOM understands the critical nature of this utility and this is why we have put together a suite of Dynamic Fault Tolerance designs that ensure maximum availability.

What does dynamic fault tolerance mean and why is it important to my business?

Internet fault tolerance is a design that ensures your business always is online.  With the many flavors of internet being offered today a secondary internet feed with the correct design is a cost effective method of keeping your business connected.  By combining the right technologies and design we can ensure that should your primary provider or local hardware experience a disruption your internet service is dynamically re-routed to your backup service.  Our support staff are also immediately alerted and begin investigation.  Once the issue has been resolved services dynamically restore back to their optimized paths.

Redundancy can be designed and customized to meet your business objectives, below are a couple examples.

WAN/Internet redundancy focused on the Head Office

Full dynamic redundancy for the entire WAN network

Managed Internet solutions can offer:

> xDSL & Cable
> Fiber Optics
> Line Of Site Wireless
Bonded T1
Carrier independent
Single point of contact
> Local, regional or global
> 24/7 Priority support
> 24/7 Pro-Active monitoring and logging
> Single point of contact
> Hybrid capable
and more…

QUECOM offer flexible, cost effective turn-key solutions that help ensure your network is not left in the dark.  We provide network monitoring of your network around the clock 24hours a day 7 days a week ensuring a proactive approach to managing your critical IT systems.  Internet redundancy does not need to be complicated or stress sensitive IT budgets!

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